Walk Out Walk On

Join us in launching Walk Out Walk On, a movement of people everywhere who are creating the world we wish for.

Walk Out Walk On

Why should you buy this book?

You already are a Walk Out—or are ready to be one. You're choosing to leave behind situations and systems that restrict and confine you. You're walking out of unsolvable problems, scarce resources and destructive individualism. You believe that each of us can contribute to creating healthy and resilient communities.

You are experimenting with Walking On. You're discovering beliefs and practices that solve problems and reveal abundant resources. You're creating communities where everyone is welcome to learn, grow and contribute. You know that we have everything we need.

You need to know you're not alone. There are millions more people like you. This book tells some of their stories. Together, we are a movement of Walk Outs Who Walk On. And we are building the world we wish for.

Here's what the reviewers have to say...

"If there is any hope for us it lies in rediscovering and recreating community. Do not doubt that this is possible. Read Walk Out
Walk On
and see for yourself—and see yourself."
        —Peter Senge, author, Fifth Discipline, co-author,Presence, and The Necessary Revolution

"Exuberant and galvanizing, this book takes us to where the future is happening—not in the corridors of power, but at the
grassroots where a 'trans-local' movement is unleashing human creativity and smarts."
        —Joanna Macy, author, World as Lover, World as Self

"This book gives insight and beauty to what is becoming the new, new world—an intimate journey with communities and
citizens creating a future with their own hearts, hands, and relationships."
        —Peter Block, author of Community and co-author of The Abundant Community

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